Friday, September 11, 2009

Healthcare in Prince George

It has come to my attention that for non-PG students, healthcare here stinks.
There are 2 options:
  • Campus clinic. The doctor is in 2 half-days per week.
  • The only walk-in-clinic in PG. I was told to avoid going here by a PG resident because you might end up waiting 6 hours or longer, and there's a good chance you may get hypothermia while doing so.
Okay, there's a third option - if you are dying, you can go to the ER at the hospital. This is usually not the case for most of us.
And that's it. Period.
I called a slew of doctor's offices to see if I could book an appointment outside of those options. Half of them were closed down (weird), and the other half are not accepting new patients. So then, I called the hospital to get a list of doctors accepting new patients, and guess what? The list is empty.
If you're a family medicine doctor, can you move to Prince George, please?

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